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Agri Segretum Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fantastico! Our best year ever.

A fruitful harvest gave us plenty of extra virgin to offer to all. So much that we had to make 4 trips to press at the mill.
We picked in mid-October, by hand. Our baskets were full with a beautiful mix of green and black fruit that was pressed within 24 hours of picking. Next we hauled them by tractor over to Giovanni's spotless mill for a cold pressing. We grow three qualities of olives: leccino, moraiolo and frantoio--the types you'll find in every Umbrian's back (and front) yard. This year's crop is delicious: a concentrated, fruity olive oil with the famous Umbrian peppery kick at the finish. Not too spicy, just right. And of course organically certified.

This is the freshest you'll find-- just a few months "young".  Check your labels, we are Harvest 2019.



Grown with pride and care in Umbria, Italy.                                                                                                                 
•Extra virgin, cold-pressed
•Certified organic
•A blend of moraiolo, frantoio and leccino varietals

Currently Available: 500 ml:$30  (750 ml:$42:SOLD OUT)
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Olive Oil

Agri Segretum 1/2 Liter Wine/Water Jug + 2 Glasses

We've got a new jug here in Umbria that we use for wine tastings and for guests at The Farmhouse. A take on the traditional jugs you'd find in any local osteria, our ceramic pitchers are turned and painted by hand at an artisanal workshop in the nearby village of Deruta. Two glasses made from our own recycled wine bottles (and engraved with our moon and stars logo) are included. Packaged in our new wooden wine box, we think these look bellissimi.

1/2 liter jug, 2 glasses in a handmade wooden Agri Segretum box :$65

Ceramic Jug + Glasses


Agri Segretum Large (1 liter) Wine/Water Jug

The 1 liter version of our favorite jugs: perfect for water, wine or even flowers. Grey or beige. Packed in our wooden Agri Segretum Box.

1 liter ceramic jug and handmade wooden Agri Segretum box: $45

Sorry, We are sold out of our 1 liter ceramic jugs.

Agri Segretum Wine Glasses

Our go-to drinking glasses here at The Farmhouse and in the cantina. Recycled wine bottles are cut and engraved (with our moon + stars logo) by a local family: perfetto for a glass of Pottarello.

3 clear glasses packed in a wooden Agri Segretum box: $35

Recycled Glasses