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  • Tiber River Valley and beyond

  • Felice

  • Tending the vines

  • 2012 vintage


Agri Segretum Wine

We planted our vines in 2008 on a sun-exposed Southwest facing slope at an altitude of 300 meters. We learned about the strong Umbrian sun, the dry wind brought by the scirocco and the mud. Lots of mud. We were helped by our Tuscan agronomist and enologist who were curious to see what the Umbrian soil could produce. Pensioners, village moms, and teenagers hiked into the vineyard with us with buckets and a pair of shears to harvest our crop. That’s how we’ve done it since the start and that’s how we keep doing it.

Where to Purchase

You can purchase our olive oils or learn more at our new Agri Segretum website.

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