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From Our Secret Grove

Cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Heart of Umbria.
A late spring frost had us nervous about our olives but we are happy to report that the trees rebounded during the spectacular summer season. A great year with a very fruity olive oil as a result. We grow three qualities of fruit: leccino, moraiolo and frantoio--the types you'll find in every Umbrian's back (and front) yard. We pick very early in October. By hand. Then we haul them by tractor over to Giovanni's spotless mill for a cold pressing. This year's crop is delicious: a concentrated, fruity olive oil with the famous Umbrian peppery kick at the finish.

This is the freshest you'll find--it is one month "young".  Check your labels, we are Harvest 2018!

We offer 250 ml, 500 ml and 750 ml tins ready to ship directly to you or to friends.

Our 2018 extra vigin olio di oliva is almost ready. We are accepting pre-orders via our website. Expect shipments to commence right around Thanksgiving.

Grown with pride and care in Umbria, Italy.                                                                                                                 
•Extra virgin, cold-pressed
•Certified organic
•A blend of moraiolo, frantoio and leccino varietals

2-3 day Shipping by USPS: $13 for 4 small tins, or up to 3 medium tins or 2 large tins. $18 for 6 tins or more.

250 ml round tin:  US $18 

Extra Virgin Olio di Oliva

Extra Virgin Olio di Oliva

750 ml round tin:  US $40 

Extra Virgin Olio di Oliva


WoLa Segreta | Reportage Olio - Vinorking with our friends from Deruta, we designed La Segreta's very own olive oil pot. Made by a family of artisans producing majolica for generations: you'll still find father and daughter painting together in the workshop. Turned by hand and painted by hand, our beautiful ceramic pot holds up to 500 ml of oil.

Hand made Olive Oil Pot: $45

Ceramic Olive Oil Pot

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